Wednesday, May 12, 2010

E wants to eat out...

.....and I come with him. We'll go to the Indian restaurant a few houses away. It's a very good one. Tomorrow we'll drive to my parents. I'm glad that E will sleep long tomorrow morning, so I have time for a primary. The yoga conditions at my parent's home are not so good than my conditions here at home. Only first series is on the schedule, which is good as I need a wall for second series and I do not have a wall to use there. On Saturday is even my day off. This shall all be fine for me.

My motivation has reached a high today. I loved my practice. I could be so committed and I was so focused, this was probably the reason, why I liked my practice so much. It was an intensive practice, my limits were reached, my mind was calm.
To work on a few asanas in the evening is really an idea that comes up again and again. To add pranayama and 10 min meditation in the evening is a good idea, too.

Time to dress, time to dress..........

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