Saturday, May 22, 2010

Do I know my potential customers?

Do I know my potential customers?
Stat counter gives me information: 42% readers of my blog are from the USA! 16% from India (this astonished me), 12% from United Kingdom and only 2 % from Germany.
Readers come from 20 different countries.

The consequences: It makes sense to have links to and

The interim goals (write it down, let it happen):
To sell 6 articles on Then the commission will increase to 6% (4% now).
To sell 21 articles on Then the commission will increase to 5,5% (5% now).
To get to know
To sell 20 articles on The commission for the first 20 items is 5%.
I updated my account.

Has this analysis brought me some news: OK I have to neglect the Indian market. There is no associate programs with amazon India. But I also underestimated the English market. I've already joined to the associate program. It makes sense to link with

Actions required: To write reviews on articles and to link them with and On Mondays and even more on Thursdays is the most traffic on the blog. During the weekends people are busy with other activities but reading my blog......hahahahah, which is good. Life shall always have priorities.

Sigh, am I glad that I do not need the money from these sales.

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