Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday afternoon and early evening

Yeah, we met today, the enthusiastics, we met and practiced Ashtanga yoga together. The intensity or our practices was the same like yesterday. I practiced primary, C half primary and half second, R free style. What U was doing, I couldn't find out. The four ladies, the four yoginis gave their best and sweated. This all cries for repetition: next Thursday.

And because this was all so healthy I had to stop at the Italian restaurant on my way home to have penne al'arrabiata and a glass of red wine. The waiter came so close to me when he asked me if I liked a lot of garlic, that I feared (and I really feared it!) he'd kiss me. Was I glad that he didn't. The pasta was great and hot with a lot of garlic as wished. "Much garlic", I had told him, "it's healthy".
At the neighbour table they gossiped: She lives in a paradise, but she only sees the work.

I am at home again. How will I waste this evening, I just wondered.........


Claudia said...

Cool! so good that it went well, such a great idea to practice in community

Ursula said...

Yeah, it is really great. We are a small community here, but very committed....:)

jenna said...

nice idea to practice.