Thursday, May 06, 2010

Applying the correct technique is half of the rent

Applying the correct technique guarantees much faster progress than fighting the body in a pose.
The technique in Ashtanga yoga is breathing. Stretching when inhaling, going deeper in a pose when exhaling. It is engaging the muscles, engaging mulha bandha and uddyjana bandha. To relax in a pose is helpful, too. The vinyasas make sure that the body remains hot. A hot body is easier to bend. Repetition helps, daily repetition, but also repetition of a pose in the same session. To experience joy is helpful, too. We learn easier when we like something. These techniques help learning poses of the 6th series and they help a beginner.
Oh, I had a sweaty practice this morning. Kurmasana improved, my shoulders touched the floor today, heels didn't lift up, not a bit, but I feel that I am close to that.
I tried pincha mayurasana and my hands remained where I put them. This was great, too.
The body is prepared now for a second practice in the evening: I'll go to a led class.


maepress said...

lovely pictures...

Ursula said...

Thank you.....:)

Birgitte said...

Hi Ursula,
I really love your blog, and I have recommended on my own Danish yoga blog. I have borrowed a picture from you to do so, please let me know if that is not ok.
Best, Birgitte

Ursula said...

Hi Brigitte,
Thank you for informing me and of course it is OK.....

Let me know your blog address I'm interested in blogs of yoginis.
Perhaps you like to join

Good evening