Tuesday, May 11, 2010

...and so I practice pincha mayurasana

To practice with the block and the strap, helped me to develop the arm muscles that are needed for this pose. I practice pincha mayurasana against the wall.
One day I shall stand in the middle of the room without strap and block......:)
Second series is learning, trying, and again learning, trying, experimenting, failing, trying again, getting help, trying again......:)


Deborah said...

Hi, Ursula:
Just wondering how you are coming along with your book? You haven't written about it lately. Hope it is still a work in progress :-)

Ursula said...

Hi Deborah, Thank you for reminding me. I have to get back to it. My coughing threw me off the waggon. After the visit of my parents, I will go on. This is next Monday. I feel ready again....:)