Saturday, May 29, 2010

Abfall für alle - Rainald Goetz

The book "Abfall für alle" (Trash for everybody) by Rainald Goetz arrived. I got it yesterday. A fb-friend recommended it. Fb allows people to connect and to inspire each other. The book is a publication of a blog written in 1998. At that time blogging was probably rather new, an experiment. The book has the potential to change my style of blogging. (No, hahahaha, the ads remain till the end of the year!) I usually want to focus on yoga, but when I read in that book I also find the stuff interesting that is about a movie, a TV, the attitude, judging, things that have to be done. Rainald Goetz writes emotionally, that's it. The heart must be touched, the feelings. I am curious........:)

Here you can buy it. (It's only available in German, so it is something for my German readers.)

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