Monday, May 31, 2010

Hahahaha, this was my moon day

No yoga today. It's OK. This is not the end of the world.
Other things happened. I worked on that huge pile of papers on my desk.
Today was the deadline for the tax declaration. I am again too late. I must attack this task tomorrow.
Action is always good, each step, might it also be a tiny one, is appreciated.
I won't write history today, perhaps I iron my yoga clothes (in front of the TV). Shall this be enough for today.

Upcoming thoughts were categorized today, this was important, too.

I visualize how I step on my mat to practice second series tomorrow morning. Unconsciousness must help again. All that online selling activities are done last but not least because I want to have the mornings for my beloved yoga practice.

Online clutter.....

....kept me busy for hours. I had to delete more than 1000 emails. I had to unsubscribe newsletters I've never read.


Frustration is not allowed

My statistic in combination with the results of the poll caused a certain frustration this morning. The positive aspect of it: It gave me energy and I reread a blog of one of the guys who makes money online: Here is the link

- This man makes money online with amazon associates, but not only. He also sells his own books online. Time to go on with my book. Urgent action is required here.

Further actions to keep me optimistic, adventurous and relaxed:
- I was out for lunch, I had bear's garlic noodles, water and an espresso afterwards.
- I took a bath with sandal wood salt.
- I will read some uplifting and positive words by "Mr Yes" or Mr Richard Branson: Screw it, let's do it.

Eka pada sirsasana

In my opinion the most dangerous asanas so far are the asymmetric asanas. One of them is eka pada sirsasana, one leg behind the head. It's difficult to let develop this pose slowly, because either the leg is in front of the head or behind and this makes a huge difference. I still feel a certain discomfort on the right side of my back. I blame this pose for it. It's true: Before this asana two twists shall neutralize the body after the deep back bending asana. But then comes without much preparation this challenging leg behind the head pose. I usually prepare this pose and I add an exercise: I  stretch the leg to the sky (or ceiling) holding it with my hand (right leg, left hand), leg is behind my shoulder.

It's important to practice with patience. :)

Some variations how to prepare the pose can be found in the book "The complete book of Vinyasa Yoga" by Srivatsa Ramaswami.

A statistic of the visitors of this blog at the end of May 2010

Average page loads per month: 8,865
Unique visitors per month: 6,291
First time visitors per month: 3,759
Returning visitors per month: 2,532

(Somehow I couldn't copy the graph.)

Thank you for stopping......but I want to go on with a little analysis:

How long are the visitors on the side?
This gives a more realistic picture:

78,8 % remained less than 5 secs this morning. (This is not enough time to buy anything, hahahahaha.)
There are always some visitors who are more than one hour on the blog or up to 20 min, but this is the minority. This data vary all the time.

Since the middle of May I participate in a partner program with amazon. It was not so easy to start, but after a few weeks I managed to connect my blog with amazon!!!
In the middle of May I also started to link posts to mainly (as more than 40% of the visitors of this blog come from the US. I am also part of the German, French and UK program.
The potential clients become less and less.

So far counted 143 clicks that came from my blog. Two books were sold and I will get 0,48 USD. Yep. 1,40% of the clicks turn into purchases, I even think this is what can be expected. will send me a cheque only when I made above 10 USD. This IS OK.
Actions are so good, because they always bring me down to earth.

I will go on till the end of the year (perhaps) and then I will decide again what to do. I sense already what it will be. I will stop. Till then I will gain experience in online marketing......:)
Figures: When the purchases allow me to buy a flight ticket to India I will go on, otherwise I will stop. But even this seems to be more a dream but realistic. How shall this happen, I wonder.

Further strategy:
- to link every post
- to check what tools amazon offers.
- to optimize the titles, checking google key words, (yoga related key words are more important than general key words as I like to attract not everybody.
- to link not only to books, but also to cameras i.e.

Conclusion: There were other projects in my mind. There was something, wasn't it?......:)

Up, 9:45am

 Not always I can rely on my unconsciousness. Today it was sleeping, too. Obviously. I looked at my PC clock and it said: 9:45am. On my to do list now stands: Buying a battery for my alarm clock!

I remember, it's Monday. Time shall not be wasted today. Relaxed I will start with my morning routine. First I'll write my journal. Then second series. My weight this morning told me already that it likely won't become an excellent practice. My focus will be the breath.

Visualization is so helpful. I think now that it could be a good idea to sit on the mat before the practice and to visualize a few times an asana (or two) I want to focus on. Yeah, this I will do. Starting point: today.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

....and from tomorrow on......

...and from tomorrow on I'll live a perfect life. I will get up at six, I won't make breaks anymore when I practice. Every day I will learn something, i.e. English grammar or French grammar. I won't waste my time anymore as if it were endless...........Also my time here on earth is limited.

Hahahaha, just a joke. Everything out of control, as always.

This was a practice

Yeah, it was late when I was finally on my mat. In the evening the body is more flexible than in the morning. In general. But so it was today. Primary was on the schedule. I omitted a few asanas like garbha pindasana. Perfection does not exist. When I practice primary I do full vinyasa.
To jump forward improves, perhaps I became stronger or perhaps I balance better. Oh yes, this practice was a good preparation for second series tomorrow morning (!!!!).

This evening I will study Lino Miele's book Astanga yoga. I often do full vinyasas. I exactly want to know which asanas are seen as one and when to start again from samasthithi.

Having breakfast

If I want it or not on Saturdays my steps usher me to the bakery: it's cake time.
And to have a change I ate at another place today.

Yes, yes, yes, primary is on the schedule, it will be afternoon, when I start...........

Checking the weather

Yep, rain, yep.
Fresh, yeah!

No time to lean back.....

I must go on with the project: villa motley.
A huge step was done yesterday. Further steps have to be done in different directions. I refuse to move to a larger flat only because we have too much stuff. To become essential is it and not to hide behind material things.
Firstly I need another shelf. There are still too many books on the floor. Books need a home, too and it's not the floor, but a shelf. A home looks tidy when the floor is empty, I read once. E has bought again books, they must be stored somehow.
Secondly I will let go of books (and other things, clothes i.e.). I can start today to sell books on amazon.

Space is beautiful.

Book recommendation: Clear your clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston.

Was this nightlife yesterday?

Was this nightlife yesterday, I wondered? I was out yesterday. I like spontaneous actions. I called U to inform her about our self-practice next Wedndesday and she asked me to join her, her 9 year old son and a friend in a Spanish restaurant (Olé Madrid). Something else, I thought. The rain had stopped for a while, I put on my trenchcoat, a sexy shirt and I went.

At home again I switched on the TV and realized that Germany would win the Song Contest. All these pictures of joy touched me. To identify with the winners is also a bit like being one.

It was after midnight when I went to bed. I was happy about our cleaning work during the afternoon. The smell of the Taurus oil was still in the air.

The yoga week starts with primary, mainly forward bending asanas. I will do full vinyasas. But first I must wake up. The second cup of coffee is next to me, how I enjoy it.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Olé Madrid

It was a great evening with U, her 9 year old son, and a friend in a Spanish restaurant. I am glad that I went out to meet them. The Flamenco was full of passion. The paella vegetarian???? I was too busy to watch the dancers, I cannot remember if it was good or not. We applauded the dancers, chatted, watched.......

I feel good

I walk around in my flat again and again and I enjoy the cleanness.
I have a special oil for my star sign Taurus at home. I poured it in the little water bowl above the candle. It will make a good smell in my rooms here.
The washing machine is cleaning my yoga clothes.
I am looking forward to the evening with U, son and friend in a Spanish restaurant with Flamenco show. (Now I am sure, I will go.)

The shelf

The shelf is up and it looks as if books have found a better place than being in piles on the floor. It's not most beautiful, but I think it is OK. Four times I went to the shop to carry the pieces of the self home. "I am strong", I told the owner of the shop. "You are mentally strong", he said to me. "I heard you on the phone." I had to phone with the stuff, there was a misunderstanding re the sizes of the floors of the shelf. And then we started a discussion that not so tall people have to compensate somehow. Hahahaha, he was even a bit shorter than me, he must know it. And there is a difference between men and women. When a woman is tiny, it's sweet, when a man is tiny, it's yeah, he tries to compensate.....hahahahaha.
The shelf is up. I am glad. The project "villa motley" progresses.
Yeah, I have to go soon as something is done, motivation soars. I can breath again, we dedusted a lot.

I need another shelf and I have found a place for it: behind my huge mirror.

It remains the laundry.

But this evening I will go out to see yogini U, her youngest son and a friend of her: Flamenco dancing in the restaurant Olé Madrid is on the schedule. Olé.

PS: So many books on my shelf and not a single link to amazon - a scandal.........:)

Abfall für alle - Rainald Goetz

The book "Abfall für alle" (Trash for everybody) by Rainald Goetz arrived. I got it yesterday. A fb-friend recommended it. Fb allows people to connect and to inspire each other. The book is a publication of a blog written in 1998. At that time blogging was probably rather new, an experiment. The book has the potential to change my style of blogging. (No, hahahaha, the ads remain till the end of the year!) I usually want to focus on yoga, but when I read in that book I also find the stuff interesting that is about a movie, a TV, the attitude, judging, things that have to be done. Rainald Goetz writes emotionally, that's it. The heart must be touched, the feelings. I am curious........:)

Here you can buy it. (It's only available in German, so it is something for my German readers.)

Here and now

So many topics are in my mind. Good to start with the here and now. I am up, I woke up without alarm clock. The to do list is long today: Main activity shall be cleaning. Tax declaration comes into my mind. This is a very important to do item, too.

Today is my yoga free day.
Next week I'll have to organise our self-practice. C is in the sky, so she won't be able to organise it. I am not so good at organising, but it shall be possible for me to do it. We all liked our self-practice so much and we had most intensive practices we should gather at least once next week. It will be the Wednesday.
1. step: Asking if we can get the room
2. step: Posting on facebook when we practice
3. step: Informing U and M via phone or email, when we practice and convince them to join facebook!!!!

Also yogis and yoginis can be highly effective people.

I start my day with a healthy breakfast: a mango with soy yogurt. It's always possible to get back to a healthy life style.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Insider tip

Our self-practice is really an insider tip. Today we were 8 committed yogis and yoginis.
My practice was top. I had the feeling as if I have understood the first time what this practice is about. I had flow, because I focused on my breath all the time. I had to practice with awareness as my back hurt. But miracle happens. I had the feeling as if something is simple not at the right place at my back. In the middle of the practice I realized that my back is 100% OK again. My practiced healed my back. Of course this makes me happy. Ashtanga yoga is moving, breathing, not so much trying to perform an asana as perfect as possible.
Ambition was tamed today (due to my back), not a single asana was added. Primary was practiced in it's purest form.......ah was that good today.
Tralali, tralali,..........

And tomorrow is my day off. Marathon cleaning is on the schedule.

I will be able to practice.......

Ah, it's part of it. It simply happens from time to time these annoying injuries that remembers me to appreciate the times when I am fit 100%. My back still hurts, one of the back muscles on my left side is unhappy (very unhappy). The bath yesterday with sandal wood salt was relaxing, but healing needs time......if I want it or not I have to exercise being patient.

Today the yogis/yoginis meet again to practice together. This I do not want to miss. It's such an intensive atmosphere, this does not happen every day.

My modified morning routine: a few sun salutations, pranayama (uddjay breathing for 5 min, then a few rounds of alternate nostril breathing) and 10 min meditation. I simply want to keep up a morning routine, it's easier to go on with anything than to jump off and on the wagon.

What else: Today I get my shelf. I have to carry it home - piece by piece......I am glad that this shelf project comes to an end.....

A book on Asthanga yoga by Beryl Bender Birch.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

No, it was not the moon......

No, it was not the moon. Almost at the end at primary I realized that I have pulled my back on the right side. I can move and even practice. I do not  feel this discomfort all the time, but when I feel it I could curse. How could that happen!!!!!!!

Oh my, my yogis and yoginis, what a wonderful practice we had together. We become more and more. Our organized self-practice becomes popular. We were 7 today, intensity was in the room. Despite the freshness outside, I sweated a lot. And tomorrow the same wonderful game, a play with energy. I am looking forward to it.

And we all had time for some dinner afterwards. This is what I always wished: to share some extra time with the yogis/yoginis beside the practice. Our topics: yoga and food. Hahahaha and this can be rather funny.

My back hurts too often, I will take a bath with my sandal wood salt. This will relax my muscles........

Fresh mango for breakfast

I woke up at 6 without alarm clock. Oh this is great.Thank you my unconsciousness. You work well for me, I can rely on you when the battery of my clock is empty.

Modification of my daily yoga routine: I will do a few sun salutations in the morning, pranayama and 10 min meditation. My practice will happen with my yogini friends in the early afternoon. The energy in a group is so supportive, I need it. I am so looking forward to my practice.

It's wished, not only once, and I will write about it: eating habits, food, staying slim......however you may call it. The day starts with the breakfast. Usually we eat each day the same stuff with few variations. It's worth to reflect on it. Get used to a healthy breakfast. Today I cut a fresh mango in my soy yogurt. Beverages: yeah, I like my coffee. But I will change something. I will drink at least one glas of water with it. I have it already next to me. Think about it: How can you make your breakfast to a healthy beginning of your day. Remember: Let it be small, we eat too much, always.......:)

And as I cannot live from mangoes and love alone, here a book recommendation: The tropical vegan kitchen.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

There is a hidden message in my last post

 If you really want it, you find a solution.........

....and my yogini C wants to practice on a daily basis. She found a solution that is perfect for me, too....:)
She organized a room and we practice together. Yeah wings can grow.........

Only superlatives can describe my practice

Yeah, yeah, yeah, excellent, awesome, great, so was my practice.
It's a wonderful atmosphere when we meet and practice together, we enthusiastic yoginis. Today we were 3 ladies. Ah, and how committed we were. I will only speak of myself - hahahahah. I had focus. My practice was much better than a lonesome home practice would have been.
Happy, yes, I am happy now, relaxed, my body moves with the music that comes out from the radio. My voice is making. mmmmMmmmmmMmmmmmMmmmmmm.
And tomorrow the same game again......:)

A book that I have read and that I have enjoyed: It's about Ashtanga yoga, Ayurveda and Tantra.

Thé à la menthe

I'm enjoying a cup of fresh mint tea. This post is for Anna......wink, in remembrance of past times......:)

Good sleep

I slept well last night and I am thankful for it. To wake up and to be relaxed is great.
This afternoon the enthusiasts meet each other to practice together (2:45pm). We had so intensive practices already, that it is easy for me to postpone my morning practice. My practices in a group have more focus, less breaks. This is what I want.
Habits make life easier: I will do some sun salutations after having written my journal. This is to keep up my "morning routine". Then I will do pranayama and 10 min meditation. This is what I always wanted to do (pranayama and meditation), now I have found time for it.
I love that I have found people who are enthusiastic like me for these Ashtanga yoga series. Today I'll practice second series.

52 Principles for increased productivity by David Allen.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I was out

I was out. My steps ushered me to the steps in front of  the Glypthothek. In the meantime I can be lucky when I get a seat there. Many students gather there in the evening. They drink and eat and chat and make phone calls. One guy was playing the guitar. I usually have a blanket with me and then I sit there and obsersve people and my own thoughts, that come and go.

Yoga: Tomorrow and on Thursday and on Friday the yoginis and yogis meet to practice on their own. C is our manager, she organised everything.....:)

For those who are too smart to work in corporations: here is the Zelinski.
Ashtanga yoga is time-consuming....:)

The art to do nothing....and to enjoy it

Yeah thoughts come up that I want to change my occupation in my profile again. A is right "bon vivant" does not fit, I have strong ascetic aspects in my personality even though I never fast. "Free bird" came into my mind, but am I really free? Little bird was the next association. I might be petite, but this is not an occupation. Hahahaha.
Roland Koch a German politician who gave up all his jobs says: Politics is not my life. He is 52 years old (he realized this rather late, oh how he must have suffered) and starts something new. Why not. This I say to myself.
I will leave my occupation in my profile blank till the first Euros come in with any activities of my body/mind.
Do we need an occupation, I wonder?
Energy wants to manifest. And I love action, I love movement. Damned I need some patience, new things come, a vacuum does not exist for too long. I know this, I know this.........

Richard Bandler: Get the life you want:.............

Shall it be enough for today

This won't become an excellent practice anymore. I started with the CD by Sharath, so the first part of my practice was good. But then I was too distracted. The back bending was done. That was it. And perhaps also today this sloppy practice was perhaps unconscious self-protection as my right leg is still overstretched and hurts.
It's so nice weather, I must go out for a stroll. This is better than to complain about spilt milk of yesterday.
Tomorrow I'll meet my yoginis and then we practice together. I fear I need this. Self-practice was difficult today.
Time to move on.

Picture: Karolinenplatz


Now it is sure, the battery of my alarm clock is empty. It showed 10 o'clock this morning. "Oh no", I thought, "I slept too long". Accidentally I looked at my clock on my computer when I was up finally and it told me something else: It's still early, 8am. This IS good. The day will become sunny again and I want to enjoy. I want to have something from this summer day.

I managed it yesterday in the evening to step on my mat. I practiced "only" till ushtrasana. This was good, I think. My right overstretched leg needs relaxed times to heal. Yeah, I am slim and in good shape how some would say, and I know I repeat myself, but pashasana is not possible with 2 pounds+. I am fed up with this now and I remember Heidi Klum: you must want it Baby. Yeah, I want it Baby: pashasana must be possible again. I don't want to roll back each time I practice this pose: salad today......hahahahaha

Today something for my German readers: I had to cool down after the Monday evening thriller Tatort and I did it with Advaita literature: "Die Entdeckung der Ichlosigkeit" by Peter Pfrommer.

Monday, May 24, 2010

my when

The sun was shining today and it is still shining even though it is already 5:30pm.
My head was spinning this morning. Too many ideas came up mainly about my yoga calender. At least I found a company online that prints and ships calenders also abroad. I must contact them tomorrow (today is a banking holiday). After some hours I had enough from thinking. I was too distracted to start with the surya namaskaras.
Finally I wanted to go out and postponed my yoga practice. How often have we sunshine here.
I can still start with a late practice and this is what I intent to do NOW.

Self discipline is topic for one of the next posts.

The journal

Before practicing second Asthanga series I write my journal. It's so good weather today that I sit close to my balcony. It's comfortable for me to sit on the floor, I even prefer this to sit on a chair. Till after lunch time I have sun on my balcony. Oh what a great day today.
Journaling first, then practing yoga........:)

Sunny day

I woke up and the sun was shining already. First thing I did was to open the balcony doors. My flowers are graving for the sun like me. It's so warm already now that I will write my journal on my balcony.

Second Ashtanga series is on my schedule today. The warm weather will help me. The body is usually softer when it's warm or hot outside.
I will start with the CD by Sharath. I observed that my yoga practice is more intensive when the beginning has flow.
The breath shall be my focus. The breath shall be even and deep. I have the feeling that my lung capacity has improved. Also the right vinyasa count is important.

First I write my private journal.......time to move on.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Alone at home

I am a bit bored......hahahahaha.

Yoga poses

A picture says more than thousand words. Sometimes I add asanas to the classic series. This shall help me in the long run to be able to perform the series as it is supposed to be. A challenging pose is bakasana B. This is where one jumps into the pose.
As a preparation I go into a headstand. Hands and head form a triangle. Then I lower my legs. The movement happens in the hips. When the legs are on my upper arms I press my body up into bakasana. Then I do it the other way round again, head to floor and legs up to the sky. It is a balancing exercise - have fun.

A book on second series you can find here.


Traffic, traffic, traffic: This is what bloggers who want to have readers want, and especially those bloggers who what to make money with the blog.
I had mixed feelings to be honest, because I consider my blog as rather private. But I must face the facts, this is not a private blog. It can be found via google by everybody.
Why not doing professional search machine marketing. Google offers the tools: They have a page where I can enter a title. Google searches then what people search.
An example: I wanted to give this post the title keywords. But only 1,500,000 search every month "keywords. 7,480,000 search for keyword. So I changed my title to keyword.

Shall this become a habit to bring more traffic to my blog........

Here is the google link:
google keyword tool


This Sunday practice seems to fulfill only one purpose and this is to prepare my body for the practice tomorrow. I practiced, but the body was stiff.
I am a bit bothered by a slight injury. I am overstretched at the top of my right leg and this can take some time to heal. Fact is I have this already 2 weeks and got it probably when I practiced leg behind the head. Now I have to be patient. Ah, it hurts and drives me crazy. It's part of the practice to be sore from time to time. It reminds us to practice ahimsa (non-violence).

I practiced full vinyasa. I didn't use Sharat's CD to start, but I will use it again. The standing sequence is simply more intensive when I practice according the CD.

No additional asana was done, I was not in the mood. Grghhhhhhh. Mood, what for a word. Shall really my moods decide what I do and what I not do, I wonder.

How to earn money online

I started with this adventure to try to make money online. It is still half-hearted. There must be an ad on every post. I realize now how much this will change the face of my blog. I could of course link only. But I know how much more convincing it is to click on a picture than only to click on a link.
Yeah, change confuses, me, too. I know that this is the next step.......repetition is the secret.......:)
Thanks A for your valuable feed-back.

Sunday means primary

I am up at a decent time (8am). As forecasted the weather will become sunny and warm today. My balcony door is already open. I will be able to practice with the open doors.
My body had a day off. Today I start again with primary.

Additional asanas that I want to do are the split poses (hanumanasana), forward and sideward.

A good book on primary: Gregor Maehle - Ashtanga yoga, practice and philosophy

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Soccer time, sofa time

Champions leage, a FC Bayern München "fan" is watching.

The Spain (Inter Mailand) made it: CONGRATULATIONS

Like a stranger

I took a journal and a pen and went through my rooms as if I were a stranger. What has to be done to make my villa motley a bit homelike? With the eyes of a stranger I looked at my mess here. My pen wrote down what has to be done. Weekends are my cleaning and space clearing days. Action now! I know now what has to be done.

Balcony: I need 2 more flowers
Bathroom: I must use up the shampoos from the hotels, and cleaning.
Kitchen: Winter boots and clothes must be put at the right place
Room 1: Clean clothes must be ironed
Room 2: I must start selling books on amazon and ebay.

Enough for today..........

Do I know my potential customers?

Do I know my potential customers?
Stat counter gives me information: 42% readers of my blog are from the USA! 16% from India (this astonished me), 12% from United Kingdom and only 2 % from Germany.
Readers come from 20 different countries.

The consequences: It makes sense to have links to and

The interim goals (write it down, let it happen):
To sell 6 articles on Then the commission will increase to 6% (4% now).
To sell 21 articles on Then the commission will increase to 5,5% (5% now).
To get to know
To sell 20 articles on The commission for the first 20 items is 5%.
I updated my account.

Has this analysis brought me some news: OK I have to neglect the Indian market. There is no associate programs with amazon India. But I also underestimated the English market. I've already joined to the associate program. It makes sense to link with

Actions required: To write reviews on articles and to link them with and On Mondays and even more on Thursdays is the most traffic on the blog. During the weekends people are busy with other activities but reading my blog......hahahahah, which is good. Life shall always have priorities.

Sigh, am I glad that I do not need the money from these sales.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday afternoon and early evening

Yeah, we met today, the enthusiastics, we met and practiced Ashtanga yoga together. The intensity or our practices was the same like yesterday. I practiced primary, C half primary and half second, R free style. What U was doing, I couldn't find out. The four ladies, the four yoginis gave their best and sweated. This all cries for repetition: next Thursday.

And because this was all so healthy I had to stop at the Italian restaurant on my way home to have penne al'arrabiata and a glass of red wine. The waiter came so close to me when he asked me if I liked a lot of garlic, that I feared (and I really feared it!) he'd kiss me. Was I glad that he didn't. The pasta was great and hot with a lot of garlic as wished. "Much garlic", I had told him, "it's healthy".
At the neighbour table they gossiped: She lives in a paradise, but she only sees the work.

I am at home again. How will I waste this evening, I just wondered.........

Rio de Janeiro I am coming.......

Yeah, the flights are booked. Brazil I am coming (end of August).
I'm jumping in the air, yeah, jump, jump, jump....:)

George Leonard - Mastery. The keys to success and long-term fulfillment

I read this book by Leonard years ago, but I got back to it again and again. He writes about mastery. He himself practices Aikido, but his principles are applicable for everything where a human being may strive for mastery.

One chapter I remembered very often: Be prepared that plateaus are coming. And simply go on. To be good at anything means practicing for years and decades. During such a long period times of less motivation, doubts may happen, for sure. Being prepared for this helps not to take this too seriously and simply going on.
I meet a lot of enthusiastic beginners here in the yoga scenery, but not so many practice a decade or longer. There must have been a point where all these enthusiastic practitioners gave up. I went on, and perhaps it was because I was prepared that times would come, where one only has to go on.

Another important chapter and ingredient on the way to mastery is intention. Here George Leonard discusses the importance of relaxation, visualization. All top sportsmen (and -women) use these techniques in the meantime. I think it's worth to integrate them in the yoga practice.

At the end came the surprise for me. The methods on the way to mastery can be applied in relationships. But read yourself...........:)

And for the German readers: The book is available at under the title Der längere Atem.

Up at 6 am

It seems as if I have a lot of energy today. I am up already at the wished time. My eyes opened before the alarm clock could wake me up.
The morning is free, yoga free. At 1pm we yoginis meet for a practice. Yesterday's practice was very intensive. The body will need a day off on Saturday.

Yesterday I did full vinyasas. I will do this today again. It feels good for me. To start from samasthiti again and again gives me fresh motivation for the next asanas. And it feels good to stretch upwards from time to time between all these forward bending asanas.

According to George Leonard the third ingredient for the way to mastery is passion. If passion is missing it's difficult to practice 5 times a week for years and decades. Re passion it's difficult to say anything: either you have it for something or not (my opinion).
The fourth ingredient re Mr Leonard is intention. But intention, visualization, mental exercises are worth an extra post.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The enthusiasts

Today at 1:30 pm one yogi and three yoginis met to practice Ashtanga yoga together.
We all have different talents and one yogini managed it to organize a yoga room for us.
The excitement of the first time gave us even more energy than we already have. We started our practice after having chanted the opening prayer. A lot of energy was in the room, focus and  joy joy, joy. Ah, I love my yogis and yoginis here.

Tomorrow we'll repeat this game........:)

I am very glad that I exercised flexibility of the mind. It needn't be always the morning hours when I step on my mat.

Thank you!

Thank you to anonymous!!!!

The first book is ordered via my blog.

Smiling!!!! Ah,.......

(The first time is always special.)

Richard Branson - Screw it, let's do it

I need uplifting litterature for my business adventures. The shift from an employee to working on my own is accompanied with doubts from time to time. The medicine for this are good books and successful people who share his knowledge. Richard Branson is such a man and in addition he is an adventurer. Years ago I've read his autobiography and I couldn't put down my book. It's fun to read about his life. E bought me another book: Richard Branson - Screw it, let's do it.
I have only read a few pages so far, but I like this book already. It's not a book about business theory, Richard talks about what he has done: the undertitle of his book is: lessons in life and business. He writes like someone who stands with both feet on this earth: I read the words: business plan, identify your market. At the same time he is very uplifting: His staff call him "Mr Yes".
I'm currently reading his book.

I am working on a yoga calender 2011. Yeah, I need a business plan. Is there a market for it? ........Ah he keeps me going.......:)

Help yourself

Was it four years ago that I tried to organize a yoga group during the absence of B, my yoga teacher that time, who travelled to India? This time my yogini friend C has organized a room for our practice. I love it so much that I postpone my morning practice to the early afternoon. (My time where I usually take a nap, hahahahahaha). In the meantime I have no problems anymore to practice on my own, I even appreciate my home and hotel practices. But today something new is on my schedule.
This morning I will do some sun salutations to wake my body up. I will add some asanas, not many and then I will do pranayama and 10 min meditation.

Yeah, I obviously used too much bread to eat this delicious Ethiopian dinner with my hands........back to salad today......:)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Don't use your left hand as a support

I was hungry as a wolf (fb friends told me kundalini energy is awakening). However, I wanted food. I put on my winter coat and went out heading for the grocery shop round the corner that has everything. Then my eyes read: African restaurant. I haven't seen it so far. Quickly a nice chain of thoughts came up: sun, heat, spices, desert,  more sun, heat......and a minute later I sat at one of the tables in that African restaurant. From where are you I asked the waiter: from Ethiopia. Me: Ah. At another table sat a group of black men and women, one child and one white man. I was alone. Africans are in groups, I thought, but we Germans are alone. Nevertheless I enjoyed that I am emancipated enough to go alone in a restaurant when I wish so. And then the owner of this restaurant brought me this wonderful vegetarian meal. I took the only fork that I could found between these little bowls to eat the meal. The owner came back and asked: do you know how to eat it with the hands. I muttered something that I've been to India.......but he showed me how to eat. I watched him and thanked him. Don't use the left hand as a support, he said politely. And I ate with my right hand only. It was delicious this meal, an unknown mixture of vegetables and fruits. I got a dessert (yogurt with honey) for free at the end of the main course, a business card and a handshake when I left the restaurant. Yeah, this was my evening........:)

Only change is permanent

Earning some money while taking a nap, this is my dream. Hahahahaha. And now I am a little inch closer to this, thanks to amazon. As so often I will go on recommending books. The difference now is that I can upload a link to amazon and when someone buys and it is clear that this customer comes from my blog I get a small commission. Yep.

An analysis: Each month I have 5,783 visitors on my blog. (Many only for a few seconds, nevertheless.)
2,344 are returning visitors, 3,438 are new visitors. For me this means that I have to recommend the same books, cameras, yoga mats or whatever again and again. Repetition is the secret of "successful" advertising. This is a warning for the returning visitors.

Perhaps it is also welcomed to have the source of some goods available on the post.

My blog was created to keep me motivated re my yoga practice. This is still the main intention. To improve or a bit more modest expressed, to keep my English alive is my second wish when I write this blog. It's fun to get to know readers, I like to entertain you, yeah and now I want to make some money...........keep enjoying. (hahahahaha and buy at amazon via my links).

Intensive Mysore class

I knew that it would be intensive, today. The breath is my focus. But also off the mat. I left the yoga studio today and then I realized that my breath was very flat. I deepened it, deep breathing also off the mat.

Back to the practice: I was shown an extra exercise to learn bakasana B (jumping in that pose). I do a headstand (both flat hands are on the floor and form a triangle with the head). Then I lower the legs and put them on the upper arms. Then I lift myself up into bakasana. It is a balancing exercise and I need the headstand as it is part of the second series.

Twice we practiced kapotasana. "We", because I get always adjustments when I do this pose. Slowly I understand back bending: It is strong legs, the hips open and the chest opens. Some yoginis have difficulties with opening the hips, some with opening the upper body. It can be seen when yoginis do urdhva dhanurasana. But the principle is the same for all back bending asanas: strong legs, open hips and open chest.

To have joy to learn is important, to keep curiousity fresh and alive. There is always something to learn. Learning also means to be confronted with failing, not being able to do what I wish to be able to do. To take this easy helps to have fun also when a pose is not at all possible. Repetition, repetition is the secret to master each and every pose.

And tomorrow primary.

Last Mysore class this month

Yeah, also yoga teacher want to go on vacation from time to time. Today is the last Mysore class for the month May. I will have to practice on my own also all the the second series poses. I am glad that I will practice second series today, so that I get again help in the poses that I cannot do on my own (karandavasana i.e.). Urdhva dhanurasana developped beautifully lately, I hope my openess in chest and hips remains......

My emergency program:
I will practice daily in the morning (!), as usual 3 times primary and 3 times second series. I do not make so many breaks when I start with the CD by Sharath. This I will do. On Friday I will practice with the entire CD to have a led class.
Next week I'll go with a yogini friend to a Jivamukti class. We want to see the new studio.
It can be that I go to a led Asthanga class to the air yoga studio on Sunday. It's been ages that I've been there and the huge yoga room is so beautiful.

Picture: It is a pose from the first series, but sometimes I do it before krounchasana as a preparation.

Oh, how I will miss these wonderful Mysore classes...........

(48,3 kg again, still a bit too much to be able to do pashasana on my own. But what can I expect. On Sunday I was 49, 7. I am sure tomorrow I'll be again under 48 kg again. That's how it is supposed to be. Everything over 48 does not please me at all and makes me nervous.)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The day I became enlightened

Enjoy, I saw it several times.
And I will watch it again : The day I became enlightened
Osho is the best.

If this was a good idea? I am not sure.

I changed my occupation in my profile from accountant to bon vivant.
It is interesting that I couldn't find an adequate translation for "Lebenskünstler" in the English language. Bon vivants one can find in the French societies.
There are thousands of accountants on blogger but only few hundreds of bon vivants. With this occupation I am part of a minority.


Krounchasana: the second pose of the second series: the goal is that the chin touches the shin. I look at the pictures and try to find a solution how I could progress. Perhaps a strap around the neck and the calf will help. I can lean agains a wall to keep the back straigth. Next time I will try this. Today I'm through second series. Yeah, I am through, that's it, practices are volatile. I practiced, this is what counts.

Tomorrow is again a Mysore class  and then I need an emergency plan as M, the yoga teacher is on vacation.

Pashasana preparation

Pashasana is the first pose of the second series.
1.The feet are flat on the floor, this means that the ankle between upper feet and shin bone has to be rather small. I usually separate the feet from the hands a bit further as usual when I do downward facing dog to exercise this.
2. The second challenge is the twist. This can be exercised as well when doing parivrtta prsva konasana. To bind behind the back intensifies the twist.
3. Third crucial point is the weight (less is better).

I rolled back today. I usually have a blanket under my heels. Sometimes I fold it 3 times, sometimes 4 times. At the end of the year it should be possible to have the flat feet on the floor. Let's see.

Up, I am up.....tralali

I am up later than I wished. I appreciate that I sleep well.

Today I will practice alone second series. Due to my healthy and modest eating I have lost again 1 kg. This was the first thing I did in the morning, to check my weight. When I am above 48 kg I get nervous. I have 48,3 now, which is good. Kilos melt like ice cream in the sun when I eat well (raw and modest). This pleases me that I've lost so much because this makes my morning practice easier (yesterday I was 49,3 kg). I will start my morning practice with the CD by Sharath. This helps me enourmously to get started. After the standing sequence I'll practice on my own. I am learning the asanas of the second series. It is a slight difference to practice and going with the flow.

I need breathing breaks between the asanas. When I exercise an asana I try to do the correct vinyasa count.

The third ingredient on the way to mastery is passion. We have it do we?
(The first ingredient was a good teacher, the second ingredient was practice)

The thoughts about mastery are all from the book Mastery. The keys to success and long-term fulfillment by George Leonard. I highly recommend this book.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Me, a second series survivor......

Oh, oh, it was hard today. Nevertheless I could practice second series from the beginning to the end. 90 min I was on my mat today. Pashasana was possible, because I got help. Urdhva dhanurasana was surprisingly good. Perhaps because I was so weak already at the end. The imagination "to let go" also helps a lot. Raw food and less, less, less is the secret to lose weight quickly.
Practicing Ashanga yoga is a life style. At the end of the week the additional kilos must be somewhere again, but not on my body. I prepared a pepper salad for lunch today. I had a piece of bread with it and a soy caramel pudding as dessert.

What now? I take a nap for 30 min and then action, action, action........:)

Monday, the week begins........

I start the week with a Mysore class. It will be hard, I had the courage to step on the scales. Nobody but myself can be blamed that I ate too much at my parents home. For a long time I haven't been so heavy like this morning. Back to my eating routines will help me to reach my average weight soon. I must take my yoga practice easy today. Second series is on the schedule and yesterday I haven't practiced primary. This will make the practice double demanding. That's how it is. The breath is the focus and for the breath it is not important if I have practiced yesterday or how heavy I am. I plan to live healthy this week: salads, no alcoholic beverages. Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions!!! My mother motivated me to cook more. Self-made meals are better, healthier.
(Second cup of coffee is needed.)
Three weeks I'll be alone now. E is on a business trip. This gives me a lot of time to work on my projects (book). Yep!!!!!!!
E is sweet. Yesterday he couldn't find his Magnesium. He wrote me an email if we have forgotten them and if I knew where they were. I remembered that they must be in his trunk. He looked there and voilà, he found them. What would I do without you, he wrote me. Yep.......I find his stuff even though I am far away from him now.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


"Not now!"

"Not now!" One could think that a diva says this to her lover who wants to have sex and she doesn't want to.
But no, not now, I hear from my father.
Not now, I hear from my boyfriend.
They say it when they don't like to exercise asanas with me.
With E I want to do navasana (boat pose) to make his belly muscles strong.
With my father I want to exercise any forward bending asana so that it becomes easier to put the socks on. Not now, they tell me, which probably shall imply, but at another time, I like to do these asanas. Shall I believe this?

My mantra: NOW, now, NOW.

Too cold, too cold

It is May, but it is so cold. I sit here with my jacket on and I don't feel like practicing. My feet are cold, too. My body has to wait till this evening. In my Munich flat it is warmer.........

Oh, there is noise downstairs already

I can hear my parents already. They are downstairs. They are up early. I will join them for breakfast. After a while I will do yoga, if it's too cold I'll practice when I'll be in Munich again. It's my last day here. It was a wonderful, relaxing stay. Life goes on......I feel like going home again.......

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lazy time

I'm at my parent's home on the sofa.
This morning my mother and me were at a garden center. We bought some soil and admired the beautiful flowers there.
Today is my yoga free day. Shall my body enjoy the lazy time. Tomorrow primary is on the schedule. In the afternoon I'll get to Munich again.
It's cold here. I still wear my winter coat. This is impossible.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Wow, I only wanted to do a few sun salutations......

I only wanted to do a few sun salutations to move my body at least a bit. It deserves to be moved, I thought. Lying in bed and sitting on the sofa is not so satisfying. After the first surya namaskara As and Bs, I didn't like to stop anymore. What surely helped was that my parents had turned on the heater and the room felt warm enough for some stretching. Yeah, yeah yeah the twists are moody and they react to each and every kilo more, but I was able to reach the wrists in marichysana C and D. Urdhva dhanursana was done, too, but no single extra asana.
It was an evening practice and in the evening the body is more flexible. I don't care. I loved to practice.
Sofa time has come again.......:) and tomorrow I respect my day off. This evening practice counts as a practice.

Inner discussion goes on: Shall I? Or shall I not?

To stretch a bit over the chair is no yoga. Ah, I find excuses not to practice: it's cold here is one of them. I so want to postpone to step on my mat.............I should stop the inner discussion and take a day off. Yep!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sofa time....

Arrived in B., it's sofa time now.......
It's cold here, like in Munich......
I've comfortable clothes on.
Tomorrow primary.............before having big lunch........

I'm through primary

I'm through. Am I glad. It was difficult, discomfort was felt and the body was stiff. No extra ambition, no extra asana was performed. I simply wanted to do it, to bring it behind me. I know that it is good that I practiced. Of course the body is more flexible now. But it was hard to move today. Might it be easier tomorrow.


Today I do not have so much time for dawdling. When I want to practice I have to start rather early. By lunch time we want to drive to B. I have mentioned this already the third time I think. I travel as usual with my my journal, my yoga mat and my PC.

Primary today: there are some asanas that I add also when I do primary. They support my second series poses. A few of these asanas are side split and forward split. It's handstand and trying to bring the legs to the head while in that pose. It's leg behind the head before supta kurmasana.

Time to go on with my morning routine......