Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The wolf in me wants to eat and to drink

Time flies, it is impossible. Next week I will practice seriously again. Laughing.


tanya said...

After doing such beautiful practice and perfect copy book style poses i some times wonder how does a wolf comes in you? you must experience certain type of satisfcation and bliss within you and must lead towards meditation and nirvana.You look so good in some of the asnans and getting to the final stage in such a short time is really great.Keep going with your practice and look forward to meet in Mumbai.

Ursula said...

Thank you tanya, I love all animals also wolves.
Yoga gives me surely a certain satisfaction, it is fun and very good for the body AND the mind. It relaxes me also.
Most pictures are taken several times. Out of 10 pictures I publish one perhaps. I play I have to see from where the light comes, I must meassure the distance and and and. Afterwards I cut the pictures and I modify the light sometimes and the colors. It is really work that I love.

Yes, I must come to Mumbai again. It will happen. Probably in the beginning of next year. Then I must go to a yoga studio in Mumbai. This I really missed the last time.....:)