Monday, April 12, 2010

The wind whistles around the hotel

It is really loud how the wind whistles around the hotel. I slept well and finally I didn't hear the wind anymore. I will stay in that nice hotel today, it is too beautiful. I love the view, Barcelona is at my feet. I have much room to practice yoga. I am happy.
It makes no sense to go to a yoga studio. I must take a taxi to get there, which is rather expensive from that hill to downtown: 36 Euro one way, back the same, plus the fee for the studio. Not to mention the time that I lose due to commuting. No. I have a very good teacher in Munich and I love my hotel practice. Then I can play with the asanas, I can add an exercise, I can take some pictures. In addition I want to practice second series and I am sure in the traditional studios they will stop me. "Meet people", I think. But today I prefer to stay where I am in that most beautiful hotel on the hill. They even have a sauna here. E was a bit afraid already that I go to the sauna naked when it is not the custom here. Hahahahahaha. I remember a sentence of my mother: Those who ask a lot, here 'no' a lot. So better not to ask here. Hahahahahaha. There is a huge swimming pool here too.
Simply to enjoy the view is already enough for me. To sit on my Indian blanket looking out of one of the huge glass doors that lead to the terraces and to do nothing is most exciting for me. I am so looking forward to that lazy day today that I will fill with enjoying the surrounding, enjoying this posh hotel, my yoga practice, best food, some of my books and writing. This place does not allow to make oneself stress or to have fearful thoughts. This place here tells me: life is beautiful. Enjoy!

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