Sunday, April 18, 2010

Up and relaxed

I am up and I enjoy the clean environment. Yesterday was marathon cleaning day. All my stuff has found a place again and it is clean here. Oh there is still a lot that has to go. My space clearing activities must go on, they probably never stop. Yesterday we talked about towels. I still have too many. What is too much has to go. I go in the right direction and this is what counts.
I am up early and today my yoga week starts: primary is on the schedule. I need some time to wake up. I right my journal first, when I'm finished with the three pages my body is ready. I will start with the CD by Sharath, this is so helpful. After the standing sequence I will switch it off, but I will do the closing sequence with the CD again as I have realized that I do it too quickly. The poses are held longer than 5 breaths only, especially sirsasana.

Picture: I will send it to my parents with the words: this t-shirt you have bought me as a birthday present......:)


anna648213114 said...

I often think about that I have to many things, I give away some of them but there are right now too many. You inspire me to start sorting them:)

Ursula said...

It's an ongoing process...:)

Stargirl said...

I have done a whole house clean today. And afterwards I did a yoga pratice. Knowing the house is clean and all my jobs are done gives me a clear mind ready for practice. Do you find it helps?