Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Travelling and flexibility

Strong routine help to maintain a yoga practice. When travelling everything is a bit different. First comes breakfast i.e. even before yoga. Travelling means to be flexible. I exercised this morning after having digested the breakfast. It was cold and I started with my cashmere pullover and a warm pair of trousers. It was a modest practice, but a practice. I didn't sweat much, if at all.
How the mind works: The mind compares, it is always comparing. This is how the mind tries to understand what happens. This is neither bad nor good. It the functioning of the mind. When I compare my daily practice with the best practice I've ever had I will be very often discontent. When I compare my flexibility in the end of a practice with the flexibility in the beginning, I will be always content. Ah, this is a bit tricky, but funny and it works.

I practiced carefully today, with attention. Good that I practiced, I thought.
It's windy outside. I will spend the late afternoon and evening on the bed reading a novel.
Majorca is too cold in April. We are glad that our hotel room is comfortable. And perhaps the sun is shining again tomorrow.


Kaivalya said...

It sounds like you're enjoying a relaxing holiday, even with the cold.

I like your advice about not comparing practices, but noticing changes in the body during the course of a single practice.

I never fail to be more flexible at the end of my practice. It's success every time! :-)

Ursula said...

Oh yes, this is a very intrusive cold, but it is getting better. Sigh.

I love to be here. To observe the waves of the sea pleases me a lot.