Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Too much is on my mind, I must write it down

Today: yoga home practice, must invite my 2 best friends for dinner for Friday (oh, I am late already), E's mother is coming this evening, E must forward the info when I want to meet her tomorrow. Buying enough food for Wednesday evening.
Tomorrow: Mysore class, meeting G for lunch downtown. Dinner at my home, must have enough food at home.
Thursday: Primary at home, this day is for myself!!!!! :)
Friday (birthday): Mysore class (tralali tralala), inviting the yogis/yoginis for lunch. Evening: dinner at an Italian restaurant.
Saturday: ???
Sunday: ???
Monday: another day only for myself.


OldBoy said...

How is your spiritual journey going?

Ursula said...

Understanding does not require a journey. It can be done quickly. Read Ramesh Balsekar and you will be in peace.....forever. Quickly. No exercises are necessary ideally.