Thursday, April 22, 2010


Thursday is the day where I practice twice a day (primary). In the morning I have my home practice and in the evening I go to a led class. This will help me to gain strength again. When I practice at home I add hanumanasna. This opens the hips and shall help me to improve the back bending asanas.

Yesterday I had a highlight that I forgot to mention: I managed it the first time to balance when I was in dwi pada sirsasana (both legs behind the head, sitting position). The trick is to stretch the legs upwards and to bring the head up, too. Inner muscles are engaged, too. Only to bring the second leg behind the head is the issue now. Am I glad that human beings have only 2 legs.

I will start my home practice again with the CD by Sharath: It helps me to have flow and to do the right vinyasa count. I enter with only one breath paravrtta parsva konasana. Without the CD I twist when the hand is already next to the feet. That way I can go deeper in this pose, but it is supposed to be in it with one breaths only. When I practice with the CD I hold the most difficult asanas of the standing poses longer: utthita hastaa padangusthasana, utthita parsvasahita and utthita eka padasana. At the least now I start sweating and cursing when I have no balance and when I wobble. Be generous with yourself, I think now. Also the hero poses are held longer when I practice with the CD. It is helpful.
For the closing sequence it is the same: the transition from one pose to the other has to be done faster, but the asanas are held longer. I love this CD.

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