Monday, April 19, 2010

Stiff, weak and no balance

I was stiff, weak and I had no balance during the Mysore class today. I am relaxed. Now it can only get better again. I practiced while travelling, but Mysore classes are obviously more intensive. Why? I cannot take the long breaks between the asanas that I still take from time to time. I also get support and adjustments. The energy of the group helps me to stay focused. All this makes a difference. I struggled myself today through the asanas. And because I felt so weak I put extra effort into my worst pose: mayurasana. Oh, this was good that I worked on this pose.
Adjustments: When doing parsva dhanursana the leg and hip that is on the floor must be stretched forward. The knees are supposed together.
I will observe if I engage my leg muscles enough when I do the standing asanas. No way to come up from laghu vajrasana, the body didn't move at all once my head had touched the floor......:(
Tomorrow I practice again here in my rooms, which is good, too.
Practice and all is coming!


rhh said...

Ursula wrote: "... The energy of the group helps me to stay focused."

This is why I HAVE to go to a class. My home practice is weak. It is everything BUT focused.


Ursula said...

Both has different challenges. I want to be independant, this is why I appreciate my home practice.
Today I was so done obviously, I slept the entire afternoon. This was not my intent.....:)

Chelsea said...

I also have to go to a class. I have a great teacher and the energy that he provides is so uplifting.

My home practice is a nice supplement. Even if it's shorter and (usually) less challenging, I am still getting the mental benefits of practice.

Ursula said...

Yeah, I think both is important, I love to be independant and to be able to practice when I cannot go to a class. Finally this is the goal, to practice alone... Mysore classes prepare for this, I think.
Happy practices.....:)

denise said...

I'm happy that you are back in your practice, how nice! Sorry for your pain, and hope it never come back again!