Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shall this be enough now

It's 1:30pm now and at 5pm I will go to a led class. I need a break between two practices.
So I did the standing poses with the CD by Sharath and paschimottanasana. I had a very short closing sequence. My morning practice was so late because I was so absorbed with the PC and the blogger affiliates. Ah, nothing is done quickly. I am at home again I can get back to my morning routine as I want to have it and this is before breakfast when I practice at home. I eat a small breakfast when I go to a Mysore class.
To organise my day and to stick to my plans is the task now. By 12 o'clock I want to have done my yoga practice. It's a rough orientation!!!!
Time to move on. I need a shower.

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