Thursday, April 08, 2010

Our last day in Majorca

It is our last day here on that island. It makes no sense to hire a car only to drive to that good restaurant and then to come back, even though this is my favourite Spain restaurant. It would have been the only opportunity to be among Spanish people and to eat a vegetarian paella. "We'll come back", E assured me. Also today we stay at the hotel in the room on the bed or on the chair. I will have time for yoga and reading. We will have our last lunch in that Italian restaurant. Afterwards we'll walk along the beach. These long walks along the beach were really great here. To observe the sea, the waves that come in was wonderful, too.

Yoga: I practiced late in the afternoon. The body was flexible, what I appreciated most was that I had focus, I went on and on. Slowly I practiced, this is fine.
Today I will practice primary again. Between breakfast and exercise I need a bit of a break to digest.
No, this cannot be the sun that is coming out now. But yes, it is the sun.......:)

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