Friday, April 16, 2010

Mysore class this morning, I go

I have forgotten to mention something yesterday. Again I realized how important it is to have strong legs when practicing to engage the legs (not 100%). It gives balance when doing the standing poses and it protects from overstretching when doing the forward bending asanas.
I was happy to see my yoginis again and the other way round, ah it was a nice evening.
And now I will have a wonderful morning: I will go to a Mysore class this morning. This makes me smile. To practice with only a night between too practices is exhausting, but I do have energy, because I love to practice.
This is also what I have forgotten yesterday to write: to find joy in a daily practice is the goal. After years of practice the asanas became relaxing (many of them). It feels good to be in a pose. That's it. With time the practice becomes easier and more joyful.
Time flies.


Anna said...


Ursula said...

Thank you Anna, you make me smile.

Arturo said...

hi Ursula
haha. i do that pose of hanging almost daily, but my hair probably doesn't do that. it's funny to not rotate the image and show it like you have.

Ursula said...

Thanks Arturo,
I've published a picture without rotation,and where the entire body can be seen, only the head is straight. It is savasana on the chair......:)
Yeah, my hair is a bit shorter now I was at the hairdresser yesterday (but it is still long)....:)