Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My last hours in that beatiful hotel in Barcelona

I am up and at 9am I will have breakfast. At 12 I will have to leave the room. This means I have half an hour for breakfast, half an hour for packing my suitcase and 2 hours for yoga. That's good. It shall be a small breakfast.
It was wonderful here, but to sleep at home again this night is good, too.
The room here are so good to take pictures. This was great yesterday.
In the evening the lights of the city could be seen again, what a beautiful view.
I am relaxed and full of energy.


Anonymous said...

Breakfast and practise … ever tasted some intellectual cereals? Do it! It is exciting and is central in the text of patanjali: yogash CITTA (sic!) nirodah!

Ursula said...

Oh Max, you have so much energy, please use it for something nice. It feels good, believe me.......