Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I wanted to seperate the pictures from the postcards

I still have six boxes full of postcards, pictures and love letters, even though I space cleared a lot in those white boxes. Today I was able to discard most of the love letters, the postcards and pictures are seperated now. Many of these wonderful letters to me had to go......ah,.....I had to read a bit and I was entertained. My first friend had written: "I see now that you are not flawless,..............". It made me laugh. It's all past and in the meantime I am flawless.....hahahahahahahha. I created a vacuum, it can be filled with something new, new postcards i.e. (smiling).
Love letters still arrive me, I mean new ones, this is so much better.
After this space clearing activities I was so hungry.
And perhaps it was Tony Parsons who inspired me to arrive in the here and now again and to let go of old things.

Tony Parsons in "As it is", page 68: "When I have rediscovered who I am, however, there is no longer any question of relationships. In this open and welcoming presence there is no need for memory or repetition, comparison or expectation - no place for one part meeting another. There is no distance between the two and therefore nothing needs to relate.
All of our energy is merged into a continual freshness, and the celebration of simply "what is"."


Anna said...

That is a good quotation. A few years ago I burned years of diaries and notebooks because I truly no longer wanted to catalogue and then go back and read about the past. All those years gone by - I had a different consciousness then from who I am in the present. There was nothing there for me.

I have all my fondest memories and profound life lessons stored in my heart.

Ursula said...

I know that you are very good at that, you are my role model for space clearing.
It's over, I read here and there, but not so much, why should I, I wondered....it's over. I still love my postcards.
OK, it was good that I went through these boxes. To let go of things always need energy for me. I am always happy afterwards.

susiegb said...

On the other hand Ursula - be careful you don't throw away too much and regret it later! I threw away a lot of photos from my early years in London, and I definitely regret that!

I think diaries and notes/letters might be really fun to read years in the future! I happened to look at a diary I kept about 20 years ago last week and it brought back many happy memories that I had definitely forgotten!

Ursula said...

The danger that I throw away everything is not too big. I kept the pictures and also my postcards, but I cannot keep everything.....:)

Anna said...

Have you thought about scanning old photos into your laptop? I keep meaning to investigate buying a scanner or finding a company that will do it for me. But would I throw out the originals?? :-)

By the way - it's 'separate'.