Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I shouldn't get up earlier....

It was 7:30 already when I got up. It shouldn't be earlier, I thought. The entire day is still in front of me. Focus this morning will surely be my yoga practice, second series. I was stiff yesterday, and I know that this is not important, because there are always ups and downs. How will my body and my mind be today: reluctant, obeying, light, heavy???? I am curious. My journal writing comes first, then my yoga practice. I will start again with the CD by Sharath. It helps me to have an even beginning.......

The first asana of the middle part of the second series is pashasana. How can the first series help me to improve this pose.
- The ankle between upper foot and shine bone must be smaller. When I do down dog I step backwards with my feet. The verses come up and I try to bring them again to the floor.
- I intensify the twists of the first series. When I do parivrtta parsva konasana I add an exercise. I bind my hands behind my back. That way I give an adjustment to myself and it helps to twist more
- Pashasana is the asana that makes me feel every noodle that I've eaten. To stay slim is a preparation for this asana.
- To use the bandhas helps to have stability in that pose.
Much can be done to improve this pose. My feet are not yet flat on the floor, I use a folded blanket to give me support and not to roll backwards. Perhaps I should repeat this asana twice today.....

Yesterday I was prolific: I opened a facebook group "journal adventures". Shall it inspire others and myself to write and to improve writing. The link to this group can be found on the right side of this blog.

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