Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ah, we were out yesterday evening

The stomach rebelled several times. The first messages were soft: Now I am no more hungry, my body told me. Later I heard: I am really full now. But it had to be a 3 course menu yesterday in that Spain restaurant. They had something for vegetarians, too and were very polite even though it was a fish restaurant. I had grilled vegetables as a starter and noodles with vegetables as a main course, but these simple meals tasted new and delicious. Ah and the red wine was good, too. My bf knows the best restaurants all over the world.
2 days I was without yoga practice due to travelling and tiredness. Today I start with primary. Might it be not so hard after these 2 days off and this nice dinner yesterday night which was a bit too much from everything. Coffee first.
And then we stroll around and we'll have lunch in a tapas bar.
It is a summer day here and I am so happy to see the sun.

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