Monday, April 26, 2010

I didn't lose consciousness

I had to leave my home without having had a breakfast. Nothing was at home, I have planned not very well. I didn't feel hunger and I didn't lose consciousness. Perhaps I do not need to eat before practicing even though Mysore class starts at 9 and I get up at 6.
Stiff today or should I write: I was very stiff in the beginning. Only my finger tips could touch the floor when I did the first surya namaskara A, but at the end I was much more flexible than in the beginning. Yeah, this is the right attitude. I enjoyed Mysore class very much, I practiced second series today.
Yes, a revolution happened. I found an approach to mayurasana (my most difficult asana). I must take a picture of my progress......blocks help. I put my hands on a block, that way it is somehow easier to bring the body a bit in the wished position.....:)

Just do it, stood on the T-shirt of a yogini and what did I learn? She has a one-way-ticket to India........It's great, one must dare something. It's sad that she will leave us, but yeah, perhaps I will visit her in her Ashram in the north of India. I need more information........
Picture: looking at the third eye.


rhh said...

[She has a one-way-ticket to India.....]

This is interesting ... the type of person that makes life interesting. I would hope you could pass on any information as this yogini proceeds onward with her adventure.

Ursula said...

I asked her to be a guest blogger on my blog. She didn't promise, but I hope she will find time between Ashanga yoga and meditation. Perhaps she will write something about her journey. This would be great.
Life must be lived,.......