Sunday, April 18, 2010

Headstand at Karolinenplatz

Headstand at Karolinenplatz: This time it was not me who wanted to see the world from a different perspective. A yoga group exercised sirsasana on the grass at Karolinenplatz. The teacher showed what is possible to do when in that pose. She circled the legs, till the feet almost touched the floor, she went up again, spreaded the legs and again.
I observed the yoginis, even though next to my right side sat a man dressed with a skirt and with black stockings, his head was bold, shaved. He looked more like a man from Scotland (the skirt was grey and had no pattern), he didn't look like a gay man. But who knows. I have no clue. I sat there about 5 min till it started raining. The man on my left side said to me that I came at the wrong time. How right he was this man with his Apple (PC).
At home I am again. This was a very short Sunday excursion.....
Yeah headstand: I will circle my legs, too the next time, it looked good.


Emma said...

guerilla yoga!!

Ursula said...

Ah thank you, yes, this could be possible.