Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Did I practice so sloppy during my trips

I lost flexibility and gained weight, hahahahaha. It is all still good, but 47 kg is better than 48 kg. And 46 kg is even better for me, but I love to eat so, 47 would be good. Pashasana is the pose that makes me want to have 1 kg less. I cursed "damned shit" when I rolled back. My fingers could scarcely hook, but I didn't give up. Finally I remained in that pose for 5 breaths. Sigh and relief.
Back bending, forward bending, twists, all was a bit less deep as usual. I had focus today, breaks were short. No way to come up from laghu vajrasana, I lost strength, too. But I am back. My practice was intensive. Kapotasana is weak, too, I couldn't reach the step on my wardrobe, impossible.
First I thought that I couldn't stand a lot of discomfort today, but the tolerance to feel the discomfort and to enjoy it (hahahahaha) improved with each asana.

Sharath's CD helped me to practice till the end of the standing sequence. I also used the CD for the closing sequence. This helps me to stay longer in headstand. Only utplutihi, the very last pose I couldn't hold for 10 breaths (I never can so far). I will work on that too.

I feel excellent n0w, I had an intensive practice, cursing from time to time is allowed. I didn't omit one single asana (not even the attempts to do mayurasana). I even did full vinyasa to gain strength again.......So I give me a breakfast now: banana with nuts and soy yogurt.

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