Friday, April 23, 2010

Close your eyes.....

M has always new ideas. Yesterday in the led class we practiced once surya namaskara B with closed eyes. It was a balancing exercise. It was difficult to keep the eyes closed, but I concentrated on it and was able not to open it. Another exercise was to remain in each pose of one of the surya namaskara Bs longer than only one breaths.
My back bending (urdhva dhanurasana) is deep in the evening. Ah, how flexible my back is, I think and forget for a while that it is different again in the morning. This morning i.e. I am sure my back bending won't be so deep.
I will go to a Mysore class this morning and with this class my yoga week is over.

When I returned home from led class I found E sitting on my yoga place. He wanted to eat out and so we went to "our" Italian restaurant round the corner. I ate too much and I am not so sure if the red wine was so good for my morning practice. Yep, a life lived 100% according to healthy rules is probably not possible and boring. We had a nice evening and this I will remember when I probably feel my stiff body today.....:)

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