Thursday, April 22, 2010

Body and mind worked together

This was again an excellent home practice. Beginning and end was done with the CD by Sharath. If it helps, why not.
I had flow, also during the middle part I didn't make breaks. This made the body very flexible. I added hanumanasana (split pose) to open the hips. I repeated kurmasana and supta kurmasana, these poses need still special attention.
Tools to improve an asana: repetition, remaining longer in that pose, visualization, using props (blocks or straps), additional asanas, optimism and joy.

Important: I didn't omit the 10 min relaxation at the end! This is a difficult pose for me, but to be able to relax consciously is so important also for the life off the mat.

In 4 hours I the play starts from the beginning, I will go to a led class. This shall really be enough yoga for today.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ursula,
I've recently discovered your blog, as I was searching for ashtanga inspiration on the web. I've started practicing for approx. 4 months, with the aid of dvds, as I have no access to a led class (there is no ashtanga yoga course neither in the city, nor in the country I live in). Yet, my improvement is already great, I feel so much better, the strength is gradually unfolding in my body, as my breath and focus become synchronized. As I've been working out a lot by myself the past 3 years, my physical fitness is relatively ok, and I don't have trouble with doing ashtanga at home, on my own. I know it is more difficult, but I simply have no other choice...maybe this offers me a high dose of motivation, together with reading your blog, of course! I just want to say thank you for your sincere and friendly style in writing and explaining different techniques, the photos, everything. Your enthusiasm has reassured me I'm not alone on this path. Wish you all the best, Zsuzsi

Ursula said...

Thank you very much Zsuzsi for your very kind words for me.
For years I was in the situation that I had to practice mainly at home. To stay motivated I started this blog and it helps me a lot. I didn't expect to have readers who like my blog. But this is a dimension of this blog that gives me great joy in addition.
Thank you for reading.
Perhaps writing a blog could be something good for you, too.

Happy, happy practices
Greetings from Germany