Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back home in my villa motley

The shower in the last hotel had more space than I have here when I shower in my bath tub. This will be my last act for today: a shower and then I will sleep. Tomorrow I will get up at six.

Yes, I arrived at home in Munich, in my villa motley: The water of the toilet does not stop running, it is a mess here, I have no coffee for tomorrow morning, neither anything to eat, but a few olives. I am happy to be at home again. Smiling.

E has to get up very early again, at 5am to be precise. He will travel to Oxford. Oh, to get up so early is not one of his favourite exercises. Oh, he is so diligent.


Anna said...

I'm back in my Villa Motley too! But I want a new Villa Motley...

Ursula said...

I do understand this.....:)