Saturday, April 24, 2010

Awareness, thoughts.......

"Calm the mind" is one of the goals some yogis/yoginis want to accomplish. But how to calm the mind? Practicing Ashtanga yoga we focus on the breath, dirsti, correct movement, this surely can calm the mind. The thinking mind becomes calmer due to the task to focus, concentrate on something.
But what happens off the mat? I think it is the nature of the mind to produce thoughts, this will go on and on, it's OK. To survive I also need the mind. Ramesh Balsekar distinguish between the working mind and the thinking mind. The working mind is needed to accomplish any task.
If the understanding is there, that thoughts (the thinking mind) are nothing else but thoughts, not reality, the interest and attachment in upcoming thoughts become less and less. It is seen that thoughts come and go and so on. The mind becomes calmer without any exercise.

If it is understood that we are not the doer, curiosity arises, what will come next. Awareness happens naturally, without the effort to exercise awareness.

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