Friday, April 09, 2010

At home in Munich and tired

Oh, I am so tired. We are back in Munich that's good. But the plane stopped in the north of Germany on the way back from Majorca. This made the flight back to a very long flight. We had to leave the plane. Almost an hour later we could go on board again and an hour later we arrived in Munich. The known waiting for the luggage happened. We took a taxi to get home finally. Here I checked the mail. Nothing to eat was at home, we decided to have dinner outside. We had Italian food and it was delicious.

Tomorrow we'll fly to Barcelona. I am too tired to do anything. I will get up early in the morning and repack my suitcase tomorrow morning. At 11am I'll be in the air again.
And in the evening I'll be in the best Tapas bar of the world. Smiling. Yep.


mangotree said...

aren't you lucky, back from Majorca and off to Barcelona

Ursula said...

Yes, I am happy to see the world.:)