Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ah, till marichyasana C

I had to wait a bit till my breakfast was almost digested and then I stepped on my mat. Primary was on the schedule today. It was a sweaty practice till marichysana C. I had to stop then as I wanted to have a closing sequence and I still had to pack the suitcase. This is done now, too.
When travelling it is important to be flexible. Sometimes not enough time is available, sometimes I have to practice after breakfast. This is all good. This keeps also the mind flexible. Important for me is not to skip the practice and to find excuses not to practice. The task for the mind is to find room and time for this wonderful practice.

Now I sit here, I must wait till the conference is over. A shuttle will take us to the airport. It will be evening when I'll be back.

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