Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yoga nidrasana - a yoginis sleep

Sorry, I have not invented this asana (but I could have .....hahahahaha). This is yoga nidrasana, a pose of the second series. My humble opinion: the second series has deep deep forward bending asanas. Within 10 sec I must be in this pose because my self-timer does not give me more time. I managed it to hook the fingers within this damned short time period.

OK, this pose is supposed to be relaxing and it is.......:)


Debb said...

This is amazing to me, Ursula! You are truly an inspiration to "do the practice and it will come" (whatever "it" is, probably flexibility)..Question: Were you always "flexible" even in your teenage years? I have always been inflexible, I work hard at developing deeper flexibility, but I am an example that it is possible, even in your 50s.. The best for me is that a flexible spine goes along with a flexible mind - more open, more accepting of what is and more at peace - something I never found in my YMCA aerobic class (haha)..

Ursula said...

Dear Debb, I'm stiff by nature,hahahaa, this is true.

A daily practice is the secret.

tanya said...

After looking at it you are actually making us feel guilty for neglecting our practice.Must not forget to appreciate the pose done so well in short period of time.Keep it up.

Ursula said...

Hi, no don't feel guilty. Let practices happen......:)