Thursday, March 04, 2010

The worst chanting ever

I went to a led class this evening: Before we start bending our bodies we chant. What I had to hear today was horrible. I thought: who is chanting that awful, but I couldn't make out a single person. I listened and found out that one person was chanting more awful than the other. I stopped adding my voice, I had to laugh. I almost cracked myself up. Such a dissonant chanting I've never heard so far. I mean this is a prayer. To sing/chant a bit harmonic, is this too much expectation???? Hahahahahaha.

OK some observations: My observations are always also feed back for my own practice, my own shortcomings. I don't do finger pointing. I appreciate this help, when I can see how others practice. The breath is supposed to be even when we practice, but so are the movements. It's not quick and then slow, it is even, also when we move from one asana to the next, when we do the vinyasa. The goal is to move the body evenly. This is difficult. It means a lot of control, but that is it.

Back bending was good in the evening. I am also rather thin now, this is always supporting. I know that I need patience, it will take some time till I can come up alone from urdhva dhanurasana. Ah, I loved to move my body. Yep. And the hot bath now was great, too. :)

Soon I will be in bed. Tomorrow I'll go to a Mysore class. The last one of this week. Wow. I'm very happy that I can practice so often, very happy.

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Observer said...

Some people are sadly tone-deaf and can do little about it. Be kind to others. Focus on your own chanting. This, too, is part of the practice.