Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What a lovely day

It's warm outside. My balcony is protected from the wind. It is so warm that I could even sit on my balcony already. When I look to the left I can see the balconies of my neighbours. Students live there. Some sleep outside during summer time. Today I saw nobody.
I was out already, did some grocery shopping, but I need more stuff. I want to eat garlic.
In the afternoon I consider a modest practice. It helped me yesterday, why not today, too?


Doug McMillan said...

Hi Ursula,

I'm pleased that it has been a wonderful day :-)

I Just wanted to let you know about my new blog, it's called 'the fruit of life', and it may interest you as it includes lots of tips on health and happiness etc. Anyway, if you would like to take a look and maybe participate a little then go to:

It would be great to have you join the fun. See you around, cheers,


Ursula said...

Hi Doug,
Thank you for forwarding your link to your new blog. I wisch you of course much fun with it.

I heard that it's easier to get readers when you use wordpress. I don't change anymore, but it could be a thought for you as your blog is new.
Happy writing

amy said...

beautiful! I want a balcony :(
The weather is gorgeous today too (in Toronto).

Love your blog!

Ursula said...

Thank you amy.
I love my tiny balcony, too. In summer time I have flowers there and I even eat outside. It's romantic.

Finally spring is coming. Good to hear that it's the same in Toronto.