Thursday, March 18, 2010

Utthita parsvasahita

Yeah, this is the second form. Here usually it is very important to focus only on oneself, because the other yogis and yoginis are wobbling. Strong legs, bandhas, focus on the breath, calm eyes help to stay calm in that asanas. Yep.
I want to look friendly, but when I am concentrated I look seriously. Ah.


anna648213114 said...

Hi Ursula, i was just thinking, perhaps you could put lables on your texts?

Ursula said...

I was reflecting this too already, but I discarded it. The left side on that blog would be soon too long. Nevertheless I think it is possible to search the blog and to find i.e. asanas also without labels.
I only label posts that I want to seperate from the daily writing, like the posts on writing on my book.