Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Status update my book

My expertise or what qualifies me to write this book:
I have a certain age (50 OK) and I am still slim.
I read books on nutrition, cooking books, NLP, health. Nutrition was a topic during all of my life.
I have also experienced times where I felt too heavy. I managed it to get back to a healthier life style.

This is all, yes, this is all. May it be enough.
There is always another next step. And my next step is to write another sales letter. I am full of ideas.


Stephanie said...

I think the best experience is practical experience because it is learned through the heart. :)

Ursula said...

Thank you Stephanie, I also think that all the advices of doctors and nutrition specialists fail because it is far away from how life is. I am a practical type of person. But comments like yours help me to go on. Thank you.

Anna said...

This is PLENTY of interesting material and as others have said, with your unique take on it all well, I wouold buy the first copy!

Ursula said...

Yes Anna! I didn't go out after yoga, because I wanted to be at home as early as possible to work on my book! Yes.....action, action.