Saturday, March 20, 2010

Status update: my book

I must pick up myself (always) where I am at the moment.

I carry my soul on my tongue, which means I love to talk about my book project. And most people like to add their opinions. This is great. The feed-back is from "there are enough books on this topic on the market", till "when is your book ready". Everybody adds a new aspect, a new view, a new possible objection or motivation. Thinking of these opinions I must they they are all helpful, the more critical ones like the positive ones. It's a variety of different aspects that are given to me, that really helps me to write, to see possible readers wishes, to become more detailed.

Nevertheless I must keep up an optimistic attitude. This is not always easy, ups and downs are felt. So it is (life is so). Doubts, difficulties to start writing, other distractions make it difficult to do what I want to do. I think now it is good to integrate in my daily routine to read uplifting literature. To start something totally new at my age is a bit like swimming the river upwards. People are in general full of fear and don't like change. (In our Mysore class i.e. everybody puts the mat on the same place in that huge room.)It's good to read and hear voices who support this endeavour to dare something new. In my case it is important to limit this reading time. One hour a day shall be enough.

I am full of energy this morning, also optimistic, stubborn. I go on. I judge the result later.


Anna said...

Ursula -
Be true to yourself - don't listen to others unless you know they speak from the heart and not from their jealousy of the fact that you are a free and unique spirit who has identified her own path.

Ursula said...

Yes, you are so right.
I am stubborn Anna, this book gets written. Wink!!!!
Slow and subborn...hahahahaha.