Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Status update my book

Obstacles, no refining the target group and getting to know the objections:

I sat in a restaurant with E. During the day I had written my sales letter, but I didn't like the result. I will ask E this evening during dinner why he'd buy my book.
Me (open, curious eyes): E, why would you buy my book?
He (smiling): Because you are my sweetie.
He made sign as if he'd sign something. His gesture with his hand should mean that I should sign in it.
Me: And then? Do you not read it?
He (smiling): No, I put it in the shelf so that it remains beautifully.

Next story:
E and me met friends (a couple) in a restaurant. We know each other for years and they know that my job situation is changing very quickly. I informed them that my last job is over again.
She: What are you doing now?
Me: I'm writing a book on how to stay slim.
She: Do you want to write about your extreme eating habits?
Me shy: Yes. (I was astonished about the word "extreme".)
She pointed at her husband (He had gained again more than 20 kg,which is more than 40 pounds): He would never ever buy your book.
His look at me showed me that this was true. (But you should, I thought, I didn't say it).

Another story: This tax adviser offered me a job. I told him (I talk too much, I talk too much) that I do not want to work too much (grghhhhh, how can I??????) in the next month. He asked why. I have another project that I want to bring to an end. He: May I ask? Me: Yes, of course. I am writing a book on how to stay slim? He: Then you are slim. Me (laughing): Yes, this is true. Hahahahaha. He: When you know how this goes, you become a millionaire. Me: I hope this. Hahahahahaha.

Other objections: There are already too many books on the market.

Other reactions: I am very thankful to my readers who motivate me. Smiling. Very happy about it. I know people who told me already: I'd buy your book at once. Oh.

Conclusion: My target group will probably be more women than men. Men live healthier when they are with a women, when they are alone, they are a bit lazy re healthy eating. Food is not so much a topic for the average man, 50 plus. I think so. I worked too long in sales. I know it is good to know the objections (extreme eating). To every objection is an answer. This shall be part of my sales letter.

It's true that these negative opinions demotivated me. It is part of the way. I think it is good simply to reserve time to write without looking at the result. I go on, I am optimistic again.
Ups and downs everywhere, this IS how life is. Amen.

It's good to talk to others.........:)
But now it is enough for a while, now I must write!!!!!!


Debb said...

Please, please, no demotivation, Ursula. You are a very unique individual, I feel your personality shines through your words.. Yours was the first blog I discovered on the computer that I wanted to read daily, because you are courageous enough to be open about yourself and allow the reader to know you somewhat intimately. I'm sure your book would be like that also, honest, straightforward with your zest for life. You are also a wonderful Ashtanga yoga motivator.

Ursula said...

Thank you Debb, yes I go on. Smiling.

rhh said...

I know you are talking about 'food' here, but how much yoga will be included? Maybe 20%, 30%, 40%?

Yes, it will be important to include pictures to show that your eating habits and being thin correlate.

If you have a number of pictures of yourself doing yoga, you will be combining both areas -- thinness and food.

I hope I'm making myself clear here.


Ursula said...

Hi Ralph, thank you for your comment.

I'm not so sure that I recommend yoga to everybody. I recommend to move the body on a daily basis. It can be swimming, it can be running. It must be a joy so that it is fun to do it daily over years. If it is yoga, fine, but it is individual.


rhh said...

Ursula – I agree that any activity that you have a passion for is just fine. My point is that YOU have a ‘passion’ for yoga, AND it comes across in your writings. That is why I thought you should include yoga as your example in your book.

If you can convey the same type of passion, say for swimming or running that is fine too.


Deborah said...

Hi, Ursula.
I have been reading your blog for only a short while but want to tell you that your book would be perfect for me. I have been a vegetarian for half my life but I have only recently been practicing yoga consistently. It amazes me that you are 50 years old and look so youthful. I am 44 years and would love to know your secrets! I hope this gives you motivation.

Ursula said...

Thank you Deborah, yes, your comment motivates me.
I'm looking forward to my writing day today with a smile on my face. :)
Peace and joyful yoga practices