Saturday, March 20, 2010

Primary tomorrow

Primary tomorrow. Focus will be the breath and the right vinyasa count. At 11am I want to be through!!!!!
So much more is to do than Ashtanga yoga. Yes!


Cream Cheese Lotus said...

i tend to hold my breath. i need to remember that everyday.

i scrolled through and read a few of your posts, love that they are short, good for my A.D.D. you look amazing and strong. i'm hoping to get there myself but i have fat, arthritis, and a back injury to work around. any yoga dvd you recommend?

Ursula said...

Thank you Cream Cheese lotus.
When you have arthritis (I had once a painful attack in my elbow) try a vegan diet. It is the animal products that cause it.

I love also Sharaths DVD, primary series. He is great and his DVD is not so "perfect". It is not cut. I love it. The Jivamukti people have published some wonderful DVDs, too, and this yoga is not so exhausting. Much fun to you.