Sunday, March 07, 2010

Primary, the beginning of my yoga week

I started with the CD by Sharath. It got me going and after the standing sequence my body was sweaty. I went on alone. I don't want to have a led class twice a week. On Friday I will practice the entire thing with Sharath, but today I wanted to play a bit.

Breath: I focus nowadays on the inhaling, deep inhaling. Exhaling happens from alone. That way my inhaling becomes really deep and probably it comes close that it has the same length like the exhaling. With a deep inhaling the practice becomes refreshing.

Kurmasana: The legs do not yet lift, not yet (see picture).
Supta kurmasana: I tried to walk my right foot above my left foot. They didn't touch only today, the right foot really came a bit over the left foot (or big toe), but they didn't cross. Not yet.

Not yet and patience were the key words today.

This was also true for back bending. I dropped back again, but with rather straight legs. I lose control from a much higher position that way, this creates more pressure on the wrists when my hands hit the floor. Patience, I thought, patience.

Done, and I feel good.

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