Friday, March 05, 2010

Only a night between 2 practices

There is only a night and a hot bath between my led class in the evening and my morning Mysore class a 9am. I slept very well, deeply. I know that I will have to practice with awareness, after such an intensive yoga week, the body is no more so strong. I will listen to my body and practice with awareness.
Next week I'll have to practice alone 6 times. Two important men of my life are absent. Hahahahaha. My bf E is on a business trip and yoga teacher M is travelling, too. Hahahahaha. I hope that my home practice will give me again the opportunity to film a bit. Pictures/movies help me to see what I can improve in which direction I have to move the body.
To be able to practice alone is the final goal.
The practice is something for myself, available whenever I like.


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