Friday, March 26, 2010

My yoga place

In summer time flowers are on my balcony. There is sun on my balcony till short after lunch time.
Once my student neighbour said to me: You have never sun.
Me: This you only think because you get up after 12. I have morning sun.

My flat is tiny. But I just thought it makes no sense to move to a bigger more expensive flat only because we need storage room. To let go is the exercise. And I love my yoga place.
Sometimes I like to invite more than 1 person and for this my flat is too small. But let's face it: I am not such a housewife who likes it and is able to prepare lunch or dinner for 8 people or so. Perhaps that comes in my life later. For now there is no room and time for such activities.


Deborah said...

Please do post pictures when your flowers are in bloom in the summer. What a lovely and peaceful view to look out to when practicing yoga.


Ursula said...

Smiling, yes, it is a wonderful place to do yoga. Two year I have planted nothing because I had too much work. But this year I want to plant flowers there again.
It's a tiny room by the way.