Wednesday, March 03, 2010

My week has a structure

3 times every week I go to a Mysore class, this is good. So I'm not lost totally in time and space. Wednesday today. This is my last second series day: deep back bending, deep forward bending. The balancing poses are also very challenging. The breath will help me to do it (and M, hahaha).

Ghostwriter by Roman Polanski: I saw this movie yesterday. I don't know if I shall recommend it. It wasn't a movie that will influence my thoughts for a long time.

Yes, a second cup of coffee is necessary.
It's foggy here.
French club: I've spoken French yesterday evening, but it was frustrating. But now I'm motivated again to do something for this language.

I was busy yesterday, only yoga was neglected.
For the next 14 days I'll be alone here, so I have plenty of time to work on my book.

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Marie said...

So nice to check back in with you, and see you continuing to live with such spirit and acceptance. It's very inspiring.

I love all the photos!! Congrats on the leg-behind-head moment.

Life encourages us, huh?