Sunday, March 21, 2010

My new challenge

My new challenge: urdhva dhanurasana and then one leg up to the sky. I can only do it with the left leg. This exercise strengthens the leg that is grounded on the floor and the hips must push forwards. This finally allows to come up from the pose. I found out that it is easier when the legs are closer together. I tried this exercise first against my wardrobe to have support when I cannot hold myself anymore, but the pictures were very bad, so I tried it in the middle of the room. Hahahahahaha.
I exercise this now on a regular basis. May I finally be able to come up from this pose.

My practice was stiff and sloppy. I didn't feel so well, but now I feel better. Hahahahahaha. It is always good to move. Always.


Anna said...

You are amazing! I feel useless!

Ursula said...

Anna please not. I need you. Who will write me so motivating comments without giving up.......:)

I send you some energy.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Are you into Eastern mysticism at all? Like Vedanta Hinduism? I like it when people truly recognize the spiritual implications and origins of yoga.

tanya said...

it is amazing to see that you are able to adjust the pose in 10 seconds and get photo so the way how many hours do you devout on it 5/6 hours a day including your practice and class.

Ursula said...

Hi Tanya, I practice once a day one and a half hours, six days a week. I am committted. Wink. This pose is still difficult for me.

But you are right, to be in that pose in 10 sec is a little miracle.

All the best for you.