Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My focus when I practice

Again and again I practice the some poses.......after this kapotasana I was frustrated. I wanted to see quick success, but with Ashtanga yoga this is not possible........:)
There are also good things to report: I focused on the breath when I inhaled and I focused on the bandhas (mula bandha and uddjana bandha) when I exhaled. Then my awareness moved to the inhaling and it went back to the bandhas. That way I have flow, focus and the asanas improve. I think it is also important to have a tiny pause between inhaling and exhaling. The movements are clearly defined, this little pause indicates when a movement is finished.

Second series is not only back bending, it is also forward bending. I was deep into yoga nidrasana today.
The balancing poses are also not that easy.

I am through and it is good. I made too many breaks during the middle part, but it simply tells me that second series is very new and demanding for me.
The beginning with the CD by Sharath was great. I had switched it on for the closing sequence, too.
The 10 min relaxation under my brown blanket seemed to be long. Also this exercise is important for me. I still feel tension in my body when I finally lie down. Consciously I relax my face.
So, my morning practice is done. Yep.

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