Friday, March 19, 2010

Led class yesterday...Mysore class today

....was great. Learning does not stop.
My hands are supposed to be next to the head when I push myself up into urdhva dhanurasana. I had put my hands too far away from it. To have the hands closer to the ears makes the pose more difficult, hahahahahha. I had flow, this is great and I was focused. I am not sure if my face was so relaxed as I wished it would be. Perhaps it is good to try to stay relaxed and to accept that the face is serious as it expresses concentration.

I am so thankful that I can practice so often in a group with a fantastic teacher. And in addition I have 3 times a week my home practice. It cannot be better for the time being. Today I have my last Mysore class of the week. Tomorrow is my rest day that I need. I have time to clean my rooms, but I have also time for pranayama and meditation.
I look out of the window and I see that the sun is shining. :)

Good news: the asanas become easier, it feels great to do them. I have more and more asanas, where I can say, I can relax when doing it. Yep.

Picture: Me waiting in front of the yoga studio - I am always too early!!!


Tracy said...

Life is Great isn't it?!!
I love the wall..really beautiful~ you look beautiful as well! xx

Ursula said...

Dear Tracy, I'm thinking often of you!!!! Yes, the wall is great.
Yes, we are alive Tracy, this is it, more is not possible, it goes up and down, that's it. Be happy my dear Tracy.