Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I tried to greet the sun

I tried to greet the sun and it was possible. Perhaps I've left the valley behind me. A modest practiced should be possible.

Yesterday I studied the dristhis. There are 2 dristhis according to Sweeney when doing the sun salutations A and B. It's either the third eye or the tip of the nose. It's never to look up or the hands. Even when doing virabadrasana during sun salutation A, it's the third eye. During the standing poses virabadrasana is performed as an asanas that is held for 5 breath. Then the dristhi is the hand. Perhaps the body is softer then already and it is possible to go back further with the head. M always reminds me: take care of your neck. It seems to be more important to look in that direction of the dristhi point than to really see the dristhi point.

My focus today is the dristhi during sun salutation: third eye and tip of the nose.

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