Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I practiced and now I feel 80% better

First my head was clogged, but I went on and I felt better and better. My head is clear now. Oh, I sweated a lot even though I took it easy. Simply to do it was the intention. I was rather bendy. Food and weight has more influence than I want to admit. The red wine that I drink when I go out with E can be felt in the morning when I practice. I stopped today after pincha mayurasana.
Highlight was that I could lift the legs when doing urdhva dhanurasana (one leg after the other of course). I did this exercise in the middle of the room, legs were close together and then I pressed the one foot on the ground, the other lifted. I could do it on the right side and on the left side. This makes me happy. Ha.

So, nevertheless I have to relax today. But I feel it I've left the valley behind me. It goes up again, up. Yes!

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