Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I don't know how I managed it.......

......but I managed it to shower. I had sweated during the night and didn't feel well at all. Several times I woke up. In the morning I felt sticky. The water under the shower that rinsed away all that sweat felt good on my skin. What do I have, I wonder? It's something that I'd call a cold but not such a classic one with a lot of coughing and a sore throat and a nose that is running all the time. Coughing happens, my throat is sore, but I can gulp, and my nose is running too,but all very modest. Nevertheless I feel so sick, it is in the bones, the cheek bones hurt. This is perhaps because of a slight fever. I didn't measure it. I felt like porridge yesterday and today I do not feel much better. And a porridge cannot practice Asthanga yoga. It will probably be another day that I will spend relaxing on the bed. Grggggghhhh. At least I am showered, this makes me feel already so much better.

So, enough self-pity is expressed now, I do not really have something bad, I am simply out of combat for a few days. That's nothing.

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