Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home practice again - primary

Oh, I took some pictures, and it was again a learning experience. The position of the head is important, I realized.

The how is as important as the what? What asana comes next is such a familiar question?
How to learn it is equally important, it is about the technique, it is about the method.
I might have thought in the beginning that I will learn first the position, then I will add the correct breathing. But it goes together. Applying the correct technique helps to be able to do an asana quicker.

The method is:
- uddyaj breathing, deep inhaling, pause, deep and even exhaling. It's not holding the breath when a pose becomes difficult.
- It is helpful to relax when the limits are felt. It is possible to relax when the muscles are engaged as this gives the body the message and security that injuries can be avoided.
- Inhaling means stretching, creating room, exhaling means going deeper into an asana.
This is not complete.

I started my practice again with the CD by Sharath. It's great to start so.

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