Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grggghhhhhh, I shall be reasonable

I'm coughing and it hurts. I am not yet ready for a Mysore class tomorrow morning. I also don't want to make my friends ill. I bite into this sour apple, I will practice at home tomorrow again. It's sad, but a good decision.

Picture: Yes, again and again the same back bending poses, till it's done, till the hands reach the feet.....:)
Repetition is everything and patience.


Tracy said...

like all things, this too shall pass...it's the waiting that really makes it suck!
get well friend~ xxoo

Ursula said...

Yes, thank you Tracy. It's not life-threatening, hahahahaha, it's simply a painful cold (part of life). Thank you for your get-well wishes. xxoo